Youth seminar focusing on green jobs

The 4 day seminar in Italy is called “Green jobs and sustainable development”. It is for 30 participants.

Green jobs and sustainable development” will be a 4-day seminar (plus 2 travel days) in Italy, where we will implement the green thematic, behaviours, practices and methodologies from different points of views. We will discover the importance of green jobs, showcase success stories, gather input from youth workers and enhance cooperation among stakeholders. We shall focus on what it means to have a green approach, the opportunities our Programs offer, the inclusion of young people in the labor market and finally, plan the dissemination of the seminar’s outcomes in order to emphasize the significance of green employment.


  • To understand what green jobs are, what they can be in the immediate present and future and why they are essential.
  • Raise environmental awareness among young people and youth organizations on ecological issues concerning environmental protection and sustainability. Share common challenges and concerns.
  • To visit, collect and promote success stories related to green jobs and their connection to youth work.
  • Focus on the opportunities that Erasmus+/Youth Programme priority of environment and fight against climate change can have, challenges and opportunities within the Program activities.
  • To meet youth workers (locally and internationally) who are interested/involved in the topic of green jobs in order to map different points of views, demands and realities.
  • Strengthen cooperation between different stakeholders, encourage the building of partnerships and possible future cooperation.

Participants have to be part of organizations working with young people in non-formal education methodologies and with interest in implementing E+/ESC projects in the near future.

Fluent English proficiency, commitment to seminar participation and follow-up activities, and willingness to work in teams are essential.

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