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learnThe training course  VJ Land- 1-14 September 2016 in Mardin, Turkey. It is recommended for artist, young workers, trainers. This Course is for 20 participants from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey.

VJ Land aims at supporting the innovative practice of VJing in Europe, and provide artists & youth workers with new digital tools for social inclusion. VJ Land consists in 2 trainings, in Czech Republic and Turkey, designed for young artists & social workers to learn how to use VJing for social change and work with youth at risk and young refugees through VJing workshops and performances! Now this call is for the second training in Turkey.

VJing is the art of manipulating and animating digitalized visuals to create a live performance, the same way that DJing is the art of selecting and manipulating digitalized audio to create a live concert. VJs create and play with digital images in real time, projecting them in specific spaces in synchronization to music and/or dance. This results in a live multimedia performance that can include music, actors, dancers & art installation. VJing is a ‘total art form’ that encompasses music, visuals, digital tools, a site-specific installation and interaction between artist, audience and space. Our main objective is to teach our participants how to use VJing as an educational tool for young people, especially refugees, to think about space appropriation as a way of inclusion, self-expression & social commentary.

To achieve our goal, we plan to bring together a group of 20 youth workers and young artists, train them to VJing and then give them the possibility of using it as a tool for social inclusion with young refugees in Turkey.

Our training in Mardin, South-East Turkey will give participants a chance to design and animate VJing workshops with refugee youth. Those workshops will lead to the creation of VJing performances in the old city of Mardin. Read more about it on:

The specific objectives of the training are as follows:
– Learn the technique of VJing and its use as a tool for social change
– Providing participants with an opportunity to share best practices on using digital and performance art for empowering young people that are already being implemented by participating organizations
– Exploring the potential of VJing for engaging young people at risk of social exclusion, especially young refugees

Contact for questions:Miguel E-Mail: Phone: +33322605735

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