Training course Erasmus

Training Course name is YES FOR EVS – Training course for development of good quality in EVS projects and it is from 8-14 August 2016 in Leszno, Greater Poland, Poland. This Training Course is for 32 participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Turkey. If you are EVS coordinator, who would like to develop EVS knowledge, we invite you for wonder...
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Dialogue between public authorities and young people

DEMOCRACY RELOADED: Dialogue between public authorities and young people Training Course from 28 November to 4 December 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. Training Course aims to develop the necessary competences to efficiently plan, implement, sustain and reform local participative structures. The involvement of young people in developing youth policies and in decision ...
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New Perspective on Employability

Training Course 4-12 September 2016 in Dobrá Voda, Slovak Republic "New Perspective on Employability" is innovative training course for those who want to increase chances of young people on the labour market. "New Perspective on Employability" is practical training course for youth workers, teachers, social workers and people who work with young people who want to lear...
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