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6Project “From Idea to Europe” will gather 20 youth workers, social workers and teachers from 10 countries: Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy and Germany in order to support and strengthen them to realize their entrepreneurial ideas (on their own or in cooperation). Carefully selected participants will go through 3 educational modules in different countries – Serbia, Greece and Belgium and their entrepreneurial ventures will be mentored and the process filmed and turned into a documentary translated in nine languages. By implementing those ideas they will involve, encourage and educate young people to start their carriers in a proactive manner trough workshop with local youth.

At the beginning of the project each participant will tell his/her business idea for the camera in a format of an interview. During the period of one year participants will be filmed from time to time – on the modules but also in their perspective countries where they will show how their ideas are working and how successful they are in realizing the starting idea.

The idea is to create a documentary that will show the process but also serve as a video manual for those who want to start their own business no matter where. The documentary will be available for free download at Biznisnova web site and all partners’ websites and social media. Other interested youth related institutions and organizations (youth centers, youth information centers, youth clubs, teacher training, youth offices etc.) will be asked to promote the documentary on their websites and social media. The documentary will be subtitled in English language and 9 other languages of partner countries involved in the project.

The call for application is opened from March 1st to April 1st 2016.

Contact for questions:

Milica Raskovic


Phone: +381 64 20 939 08

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