Training course in Hungary

students2Star – Surviving in family is the name of Training Course in Hungary from 20-30 June 2016.

The training is for youth workers to prepare them to train youngsters who wants to have family in future to strengthen their purposes in life, and give suggestions to have good family life.

This Training Course is for 35 participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain.


  • above 18
  • 5 participants from each country


  • development of personality
  • enforcement of partnership
  • stress management
  • healthy lifestyle
  • problem solving
  • showing methods for preparation for waiting for and receiving children, giving birth, the life with the baby


  • relaxation techniques
  • meditation
  • transdance
  • outdoor training
  • nordic walking
  • breathing
  • establishment of goals
  • horse riding
  • yoga
  • hypnobirthing
  • nursing advice
  • baby carrying, attachment parenting
  • Maminbaba (dance with baby carrying)
  • Hand in Hand parenting
  • alternative education (e.g. Waldorf)
  • baby yoga, baby massage

The training is an outdoor training with a lot of experience in the woods, nature. There are always evaluations after activities.


in yurt-type mobile houses, in the forest (see „jurta” in google). Sleeping bags will be necessary.

The training is nomadic so be prepared for it. In the forest there is no electricity, water, internet, network. In case of emergency the closest town is very close, we can reach it in 15 minutes, and also the place can be reached. Showers and toilets will be provided but not as in hotels. The mobile network can be used in case of emergency.

Contact for questions: Beáta Kovács Tesléry E-Mail: Phone: +36202362829

Application deadline 20 May 2016

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