Science, Well-being, and Purpose: Paths to a More Fulfilling Life

Do you experience a connection between your sense of well-being and purpose, and the ethics of the society you live in? Do you long for something meaningful, for a just community? What is your understanding of the interplay between moral development and cultural values? This workshop offers systemic understanding of the dynamic connections among them, and of what our role is, in the context of the historic processes unfolding all around us. Dr. Mustakova will introduce participants to an integral psychological approach to health and well-being, suited for every person in a global age.

On April 27, we will learn about the basics of moral development and well-being throughout human life, and the connections between body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, and social context in this personal process. We will also learn an integral model for understanding and optimizing our lives, and the scientific discoveries that provide an evolutionary perspective on mature adult consciousness.

On April 28, we will turn to applications of the conceptual understanding gained. We will consider questions, such as how to live less anxious and more fulfilled lives. We will focus on core personal, professional, and social competencies that can improve the quality of our lives.

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